"While I have had the privilege to review a couple of very high profile components this past year, nothing has excited me more than a small tweak covered in my Mid-Winter Tweakfest review. Like the ERS paper and the Sound Dead Steel products I've covered in previous years, this modest product produces results far in excess of its modest cost. Painting a fuse or a band around your small signal tubes, or a DAC chipset or soldered connections can result in improvements I would value at least at $1000, if not twice that. Even these modest applications have transformed several of my components. If the price of the small bottle scares you, find a couple of buddies to chip in with you. In the right places, a little bit produces huge improvements. AVM could turn the High End and home theater industry on its ear. It is available through accentusaudio.com and audiyo.com." - Rick Becker

AVM Incorporated


A good percentage of Consumer Electronics and certain industrial products will be designed with the AVM as a significant component to provide great value for the end users.


It is our firm belief that the general market will increasingly appreciate quality in Consumer Electronic products. The manufacturing cost of adding AVM to enhance product values is minimal.

It is Uniko Electronics Inc.'s goal to engage the Consumer Electronic manufacturing sector for the application of the innovative and cost-effective AVM, first through the process of education and information distribution. Subsequent verification by the potential users will establish confidence in our product. We believe in and strive for delivering great values for low-cost applications in the design and manufacturing processes for the Consumer Electronics manufacturing industry. In the second phase of our plans, some industrial applications are also viable.


Purpose   To dampen and absorb undesirable and harmful mechanical vibrations, which generate audible or visible Microphonic distortions in any high-end audio, or video system.

Results   Greatly improved sound in terms of musicality, refinement and nuance, transient clarity, inter-transient silence, 'black' sonic background, precise extended sound staging, solid three dim-ensional imaging, vital pace, rhythm, and timing, powerful dynamic contrasts, absence of aggressiveness or fatiguing 'hot' sound quality, etc. There are no negative sonic effects at all. When you hear the results, you'll agree - it's like magic!

Video quality also greatly improved in areas of : More solid and saturated color, coherence in color, blacker and smoother blacks, richer tones, more 3D feeling, more details, smoother pictures, more natural skin tones, ... Dynamic contrast, depth, layering, ... etc.

Please do expect 'huge' overall improvements.

Applications   A thin layer can be beneficially applied on any audio components subject to internal or external vibration, such as transformers, cables (interconnects, digital cables, power cables, speaker cables), small vacuum signal tubes (paint a 7 mm or 1/4 inch width band around the middle), fuses, various speaker components (driver baskets, crossover networks, internal wiring, cabinet interiors), electronic components (circuit boards, internal wiring, chassis, metal partitions, heat sinks), analogue turntable components (platter mats, platforms, platters, cartridges, pickup arms, motors, power supplies), CD transports, DACs, dejitterizers, CDs and DVDs (apply to upper surface), etc.

Properties   Non-toxic, flame retardant, semi-fluid, easily applied, self-adhesive (like glue), dries in minutes, can be washed off with water right after application or scraped off after drying, neutral colours, virtually no odour.

Contents   Proprietary mixture of ingredients selected through extensive technically advanced research by Uniko Electronics Inc. Patent pending.

Disclaimer   Not eatable or drinkable. Seek medical help immediately if swallowed or inhaled by mistake. Supplier is not responsible for any harmful medical consequences. Use only in accordance with instructions. Supplier is not responsible for damage due to improper or wrongful application.

Availability   Available not only to owners but to manufacturers of high-end audio equipment. Manufacturers wishing to incorporate treatment with AVM into their manufacturing process are encouraged to contact the distributor.

Manufacturer Info

Address: 10555 - 98 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5N 3R4
Telephone: (780) 425-6735
E-mail: antivibration@gmail.com

Distributor in Vancouver & Alberta Territory

Uniko Electronics Inc.

Address: 10555 - 98 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5N 3R4
Telephone: (780) 425-6735
Fax: (780) 425-6731
Email: antivibrationmagic@gmail.com

Distributor in Ontario & Quebec Territory

Audiyo Inc.

Address: 10520 Yonge St., Unit 35B-267, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4C 3C7
Telephone (For both Ontario & Quebec): (647) 448-2267
(416) 704-0105
Email: simon@audiyo.com
Website: http://www.audiyo.com

Dealer In Texas Territory

Name: Norman Luttbeg
Address: 2915 Camille Drive, College Station, Texas 77845
Telephone: (979) 820-1314 or (979) 693-1822
Email: big.cleo@verizon.net